University of Delaware
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Faculty Affiliates

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Jim Pizzuto (Link) Professor, Geological Sciences, UD
Ron Martin (Link) Professor, Geological Sciences, UD
Patrick M. Gaffney (Link) Professor, Marine Biosciences, UD
Thomas E. Hanson (Link) Professor, Marine Biosciences, UD
George R. Parsons (Link) Professor, Marine Policy, UD
Willett Kempton (Link) Professor, Marine Policy, UD
Jeremy Firestone (Link) Professor, Marine Science and Policy, and Director, Center for Carbon-Free Power Integration, UD
S. Ismat Shah (Link) Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, UD
Lian-Ping Wang (Link) Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UD
William J. Ullman (Link) Professor, Oceanography, UD
Shreeram Inamdar (Link) Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences, Director, Water Science and Policy Program, UD
Jeffry Fuhrmann (Link) Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences, UD
D. Janine Sherrier (Link) Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences, UD
Eric Wommack (Link) Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences, UD
Mark Warner (Link) Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy, UD
Tammy Anderson (Link) Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice, UD
Lynette Overby Professor, Theatre, and Deputy Director of Community Engagement, UD
Joanna York (Link) Research Assistant Professor, Marine Biosciences, UD
Cathleen Geiger (Link) Research Associate Professor, Geography, UD
J. Denis Newbold (Link) Research Scientist Emeritus, Stroud Water Research Center
Joseph Henderson (Link) Research Scientist, School of Education, UD
George Hadjipanayis (Link) Richard B. Murray Professor of Physics, UD
Louis A. Kaplan (Link) Senior Research Scientist, Stroud Water Research Center
Scott Andres (Link) Senior Scientist, Hydrogeologist, Delaware Geological Survey, UD
Steven Hegedus (Link) Senior Scientist, Institute for Energy Conversion and Electrical Engineering, UD
Thomas H. Epps (Link) Thomas & Kipp Gutshall Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UD
Pamela Green (Link) Unidel Crawford H. Greenewalt Chair in Plant Molecular Biology, Plant and Soil Sciences, UD
Holly Michael (Link) Unidel Fraser Russell Chair for the Environment and Associate Professor, Geological Sciences, UD
Kent D. Messer (Link) Unidel Howard Cosgrove Chair for the Environment and Director, Laboratory for Experimental & Applied Economics, UD
John Q. Xiao (Link) Unidel Professor, Physics and Astronomy, and Director, Center for Spintronics and Biodetection, UD
Charles Riordan (Link) Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation and Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UD