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News Journal: Delaware Clean Water Forum to focus on farms

For the last 30 years, state, local and federal officials worked to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous in Delaware's Inland Bays, but runoff from farmland -- despite better controls -- continues to be a source of pollution in the watershed. EDEN Delmarva, an organization that works with both children and businesses on renewable energy projects and the reclamation of renewable resources, is sponsoring a one-day Clean Water Forum in Rehoboth Beach on Friday to discuss solutions that range from use of oysters to filter the water to alternative technologies to handle poultry waste.

After so many years, "there is no evidence that the quality of the water is any different" in Delaware's Inland Bays, said D.C. Kuhns, executive director of EDEN. "The fact is, it's been 40 years and $40 billion later."

Kuhns said he reached out to farmers, state agriculture and environmental officials and people who are working on alternative technologies for handling poultry waste for the daylong program. The event is designed to get people thinking about new solutions to the pollution problems in Rehoboth, Indian River and Little Assawoman bays and their tributaries.