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Securing 'energy future' requires partnership, UDEI symposium speaker says

Securing 'energy future' requires partnership, UDEI symposium speaker says

“When I was nine, I believed that the world was an unlimited place, one where technology would solve the problems of tomorrow.”

This was the opening statement of John Shinn's keynote address at the University of Delaware Energy Institute's (UDEI) annual symposium held March 10.

The symposium highlighted cutting edge research by UD faculty and students in such areas as biomass, solar voltaics, wind energy, advanced magnets and fuel cells.

Shinn, from Chevron Research and Technology Company, is a noted authority on successful business approaches to climate change and sustainable development who said he now understands that resources are limited and technology alone is not enough to secure our energy future.

Energy problems have gone from complicated, highly technical issues to dynamic interplays between technical, environmental and social issues. Global energy demand is expected to increase 50 percent by 2050, while demands to reduce greenhouse gas risks by 50 percent are predicted in the same time frame. (full article)