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UD announces new data science institute and founding director

The University of Delaware is establishing a new institute to accelerate research in data science, and a pioneer in the interdisciplinary field, tapped from UD’s faculty ranks, will lead it. Cathy Wu, the Unidel Edward G. Jefferson Chair in Engineering and Computer Science and an expert in bioinformatics, will serve as the founding director of the University of Delaware Data Science Institute. The appointment is effective April 1.

Wu is an internationally acclaimed pioneer in bioinformatics, which uses computing to extract meaning from large amounts of biological data. Through her discoveries and data mining techniques, Wu is helping the scientific community home in on gene therapies to treat human disease, among other advances. She has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential scholars, with her work cited more than 28,000 times by other researchers.

“Cathy Wu is a distinguished leader and scholar and will be an inspiring director of the University of Delaware’s Data Science Institute,” UD President Dennis Assanis said. “Under Dr. Wu’s leadership, UD’s Data Science Institute will become an exciting hub for interdisciplinary research, collaboration and excellence. The institute will have a transformative role on the University and society, preparing our students to work effectively with big data and harness it to seize new opportunities and address the challenges facing our society in the fields of business, communications, personalized medicine and so many others.”