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WDDE: Why are more sharks being caught off the Delaware coast?

Every now and then you hear about a shark sighting -- like the hammerhead that washed up on the shores of Fenwick Island earlier this summer. Or Mary Lee, the tagged Great white shark who’s known to wander near the Delmarva coast. As one fisherman told Delaware Public Media, there’s also been more sharks caught near the shore this summer than usual. And we’re talking adult-size sharks, not puppies. In our latest installment for iSeeChange, Delaware Public Media’s science reporter Eli Chen asked a couple of scientists what might be drawing these sharks closer to shore.

Fishing along the Delaware coast has been great this summer. And usually it isn’t.

“Fishing in the summer in never really that good especially from the land, like the shore, the piers and especially the surf,” said Rich King, a local fisherman.

King also posts fishing reports on a site called delaware-surf-fishing dot com. In a recent post, he says “fishing has been off the hook, pun intended.” There’s been more offshore fish closer to land this year, especially bluefish.