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WHYY: Environmentalists request change to Delaware's beach replenishment practices

Delaware’s chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the protection of ocean, waves and beaches, says the current approach to beach replenishment comes along with high maintenance costs and increased risk of injury to beach goers. Now the organization is asking the state to consider other options to restore beach erosion that is less costly and safer.

“I like to take my kids to the beach. I grew up on the beach and I have a lot of memories. I want to see it preserved in the right way. I want to see it safe,” said John Doerfler of the Delaware chapter.

“Secondly, we only have a limited amount of money and budgets are getting tighter. A large amount of money is going to 24 miles of Delaware coastline. How can we spend it better?”

After Delaware’s beaches survived winter storm Jonas without much infrastructure damage, the state credited the installation of dunes with the prevention of property damage.